Mona Lisa Beach Resort, Ensenada, Baja California


Reader Review from MaryEllen:

The Mona Lisa is quaint Mexican style resort which has RV parking, campgrounds, motel rooms and beach houses for rent. And it is pet friendly which is the primary reason I chose this place. Accommodations are reasonably priced and great deals esp. during the week. The charming owner, Elisa, has been here for many years. The Mona Lisa has direct beach access and a great place to take a morning or evening beach stroll with your pets. Estero Beach is much quieter and more private than downtown Ensenada.  There’s a great little restaurant, El Pescador, located 1/4 mile from the resort which serves great chile rellenos and vegetarian burgers at reasonable prices with friendly management.
Tel: 646-177-5100

Mona Lisa Beach Resort, Ensenada, Baja California

2 comments to Mona Lisa Beach Resort, Ensenada, Baja California

  • Veronica Pinedo

    Really DIRTY place I was just there last friday.And we.have to move out to nueva españa because the house had really bad smell the shower. Was super..dirty And the owner was really rude especially to my mom because she..wanted move nueva españa And wanted her deposit. The owner called my mom fat! The blankets were ripped And had really bad smell. The furniture was broken (some)And we found rouches And rat poison.. we will NEVER come back. 200 dlls a night is too much money for a place like this!

  • Diana

    I stayed at monalisa the weekend of 8/17/13. The website looks very good, but this place is really AWFUL! We rented a beachfront house that is really expensive 200 dlls for a house that looks neglected! Elisa the owner was very RUDE, and she doesnt know how to be nice with clients.
    We just stayed one night there (we didn’t want to lose 100 dlls deposit, that obviously was a pain to recover our deposit, we’d gave 100 dlls cash for deposit and she wanted to give us a check!)
    The next days we moved to the very next camp that is called Nueva Espana, veeeryyy different! very nice houses, clean, the owner very friendly and cheaper!! we rented a house for $125 per night and she said next time if we rent for 3 days the price is $100 per night!

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